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Cube Accounting Solutions: Your trusted outsourcing firm for an end to end Bookkeeping & Accounting services

Hassle-Free & US based Accounting Solutions - Our solutions are result-driven, accurate, and cost-effective.

Cube Accounting solutions is a comprehensive outsourced accounting solutions platform taking care of your accounting and bookkeeping issues. From bank reconciliation, project management, and core accounting to workflow automation, we keep your business going with our scalable accounting services.

We are reliable business accounting and related financial service providers who value your time and resources. By outsourcing your business accounting requirements, you will allow your team to focus on what matters the most to you - the growth of your business. No matter your business is small or a major corporation, you can completely rely on us to enhance your business accounting systems and profitability. 

Our priority remains what you need and that drives us to improve our services with your regular feedback. We acknowledge your business challenges and strive to help you view things with better transparency and accuracy.

01. Triumph your Business Aspirations

Timely, reliable, and accurate financial reports result in various strategic decisions to achieve your business goals.

06. Scalable Operations

A reliable and scalable accounting team provides various key performance indicators that help to achieve your business goals whether you are looking to grow your cut business down on spending.

05. Free up yourself from Employee Management

You don't need to worry about employee turnover, recruitment, training, infrastructure cost, leaves, benefits, vacation pay, insurance, etc

02. Focus on Core Business

Let us take care of your back office so that you can focus more on your core business.

03. Cost Savings

Guaranteed savings of 40% on your current in-house accounting cost.

04. Qualified and Professional Staff

Experienced, Qualified, and Professional staff are accessible instantly and regularly through various modes of communication.

Our Services
Accounts Payable

Accounts payable have recently transformed into a strategic business function utilized...

Accounts Receivable

Account Receivable Service - To keep your business going it is really important to receive cash on time...

General Accounting

A well-organized accounting is the main support of any business. If accounting and reporting are...

Payroll Services

Develop your business with futuristic technology and high expertise with our outsourced CFO services. We...

Virtual CFO

Process your payroll with the known experts, make on-time payments to your employees, and say ...

Reporting & Planning

Timely and precise accounting records are essential for any successful business. Your ...

Back Office / Admin

Back-office admin services - It is well known that outsourcing your administration work can save you a


Why should I choose Cube Accounting Solutions (CAS) for bookkeeping & accounting services?

CAS provides qualitative services that cater to all the aspects of bookkeeping & accounting of any business, no matter how small or big it is or in the process of growing bigger. CAS walks with you every step of the way as your back-end support. Our team has 50 plus years of combined experience which ensures to serve a variety of industries and work on several software. We endeavor to help our clients scale up their business to the next level.

How does this work? How do I share my data/information?

System & Software - CAS can access your system and software by remotely logging in using technologies like Virtual Private Network (VPN), Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), GoToMyPC, LogMeIn, TeamViewer, Any Desk, etc. Thereafter, Cube Accounting team works on the software to update the books and keep you posted with the progress. Sharing of Data / Information – You can scan the documents and save them on the system on which the Cube Accounting team is going to work upon. Alternatively, you can mail them to our offices in Newport Beach, California, or Dallas, Texas.

How can I contact and communicate on a daily/weekly basis?

CAS will assign a team of bookkeepers/accountants and a non-billable Client Relationship Manager. They can be reached by phone, chat tool, and email.

How much does Cube Accounting Solutions charge for bookkeeping services?

CAS has a variety of engagement models to fit your budget and the operations. Through our bookkeeping rates start from $12 per hour, we do work on a fixed monthly fee as well as assign a dedicated bookkeeper/accountant to work on a part-time/full-time basis

What is the turnaround time to update the books in my software?

Once, we receive the information, we start working immediately, and probably, within 24 hours, we update the books in most cases. However, the turnaround time is completely dependent on the volume, complexity, and nature of your business.

Do you have suggestions to make my bookkeeping procedure more robust and process-driven?

Once CAS starts working for you, experience the difference will be felt in a week or two or maximum within a month. You will experience that your bookkeeping processes are well documented and books are being regularly updated. CAS team will keep you posted about the information pending so that you know where your books stand.

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