Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Cube Accounting Solutions (CAS) for bookkeeping & accounting services?

CAS provides qualitative services that cater to all the aspects of bookkeeping & accounting of any business, no matter how small or big it is or in the process of growing bigger. CAS walks with you every step of the way as your back-end support.
Our team has 50 plus years of combined experience which ensures to serve a variety of industries and work on several software. We endeavor to help our clients scale up their business to the next level.

How does this work? How do I share my data/information?

System & Software - CAS can access your system and software by remotely logging in using technologies like Virtual Private Network (VPN), Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), GoToMyPC, LogMeIn, TeamViewer, AnyDesk, etc. Thereafter, Cube Accounting team works on the software to update the books and keep you posted with the progress.

Sharing of Data / Information – You can scan the documents and save them on the system on which the Cube Accounting team is going to work upon. Alternatively, you can mail them to our offices in Newport Beach, California, or Dallas, Texas.

How can I contact and communicate on a daily/weekly basis?

CAS will assign a team of bookkeepers/accountants and a non-billable Client Relationship Manager. They can be reached by phone, chat tool, and email.

How much does Cube Accounting Solutions charge for bookkeeping services?

CAS has a variety of engagement models to fit your budget and the operations. Through our bookkeeping rates start from $12 per hour, we do work on a fixed monthly fee as well as assign a dedicated bookkeeper/accountant to work on a part-time/full-time basis.

What is the turnaround time to update the books in my software?

Once, we receive the information, we start working immediately, and probably, within 24 hours, we update the books in most cases. However, the turnaround time is completely dependent on the volume, complexity, and nature of your business.

Do you have suggestions to make my bookkeeping procedure more robust and process-driven?

Once CAS starts working for you, experience the difference will be felt in a week or two or maximum within a month. You will experience that your bookkeeping processes are well documented and books are being regularly updated. CAS team will keep you posted about the information pending so that you know where your books stand.

Cube Accounting Solutions provides the following services:

Money-in/revenue reconciliation – Recording deposits, matching payments to accounts receivable, cash flow management

Expense management – Expenses categorization, accounts payable, receipt, and mileage tracking

Bill payment – Online bill payment, document storage

Financial reporting - Producing/reviewing financial statements from GL (i.e. Income Statement, Balance Sheet)

Do I need to clean up my books before I hand them over to Cube Accounting Solutions?

Not necessary. We can do the clean-up for you as part of our work estimate. Your CAS team of financial specialists will set up your industry-specific general ledger.

I have multiple businesses, how can you help me?

Cube Accounting specializes in bookkeeping and accounting services for multi-unit businesses and franchises. We can manage the books for each location and give you insight into your business’s overall financial performance.

What if my CAS accountant or bookkeeper leaves?

If for some reason your bookkeeper leaves, we will provide you with another person from our team, either on an interim or permanent basis. You'll never be left without help, and we are committed to making a smooth transition should such a situation arise.

I am a start-up. Can you do my bookkeeping and accounting?

Yes. Through our initial setup process, we will gather the information we need to properly set up your company’s beginning balances and accounts. After your company file is set up, we’ll make sure your books are maintained on a regular basis.

My books aren’t up to date. Can you help me get caught up?

Yes. Through our initial interview process, we’ll give you a list of exactly the things we need from you (i.e. bank statements) to get you back on track.